Research Experience

Further information

BCI Research Assistant
April 2019 to Present
Philadelphia, Pennsyvania, United States

  1. Developing an interface for communication, environmental control and interfacing with a smart home for patients diagnosed with ALS (Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis)
  2. Supervised designing, modeling and development of an AR interface in Unity and OpenVibe for a comfortable user experience
  3. Tested new VR/AR headsets like DreamWorld DreamGlass and HTC Vive running the interface to improve user experience
  4. Linked Google Assistant to the AR interface for environmental control using gRPC and Protobuf in Python
  5. Used real-time and recorded EEG signal data from ERP based Unicorn EEG and SSVEP based MindAffect to run the AR interface
  6. Combined different processing components on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ board to reduce system size and increase portability
  7. Used Trello for agile software development integrated with Github for version control and Microsoft Teams for team management.
  8. Lead a team of 4 engineers in the research collaborating with a team of 6 doctors and 3 start-ups

Research Collaborator
January 2019 to March 2019
Philadelphia, Pennsyvania, United States

  1. Analysed the effect of increasing salt (NaCl) concentration on fresh water(tap water)
  2. Guided a team of 5 high school students to design scientific protocols and conduct experiments
  3. Collaborated with a team of 4 fellow Drexel instructors

Research Intern
August 2018 to September 2018
New Delhi, India

  1. Modeled 3-D structure of anti-cancer enzyme, L.asparaginase, from different pathogens using Chimera and PyMOL
  2. Collaborated with a specialized research team of 2 other researchers
  3. Simulated the nature of L.aspraginase in solutions

Student Researcher, V.I.P
April 2018 to June 2018
Philadelphia, Pennsyvania, United States

  1. Inspected ABC, an industrial strength verification tool for logic synthesis and formal verification
  2. Studied ASAP scheduling algorithm
  3. Wrote an ASAP style scheduling of XAIG graphs obtained from ABC