Industry Experience

Computer Vision Engineer
March 2020 to September 2020
Fort Washington, Pennsyvania, United States

  1. Analyzed image illumination data using PIL, Numpy and Pandas to remove illumination differences between different machines to increase portability across different bonder machines.
  2. Applied Linear regression using scikit-learn's Linear regression on optics movement data to ensure that the location of eyepoint corresponds well to the amount of motion
  3. Developed a 5-95 percentile thresholding algorithm for foreign material detection using OpenCV
  4. Implemented OpenCV's Back Projection algorithm for grayscale images for foreign material detection
  5. Improved upon the thresholded images using various OpenCV kernel sizes and morphological transformations
  6. Performed image augmentation using GIMP and ImageJ to test various foreign material detection algorithms
  7. Tested the developed algorithms against existing 5% thresholding and Blob detection algorithms resulting in a 90% improvement in foreign material detection
  8. Created and added 6 software tests using Robot testing framework and awk
  9. Performed image annotation for CNN development and training.
  10. Trained CNN on 1000+ images for anomaly detection using Tensorflow on Nvidia's K4000 Quadro series GPU
  11. Used Atlassian JIRA for agile software development workflow integrated with Bitbucket for version control and Confluence for software documentation.